Podcast Promo Club

Get your podcast promoted by the entire Podcast Promo Club! Every Friday, a podcaster from the mailing list is selected at random and their show's details are mailed to everyone on the list. You then have to promote their show whether it's through a social post, by telling friend, by doing a plug for them in your show or having them on your show as a guest!

To sign up, please use the form on this page


- You have to promote the other shows

- Any shows with offensive or abusive content (eg- racism, misogyny, transphobia) will be removed

-You can only enter your show once but your show will remain on the list for possible selection until you remove yourself from the mailing list.

-If a show is selected and has not had an episode out for over 6 months, another show will be picked.


RISE & SHINE is about giving everyone a voice within the podcast and radio industries regardless of income. Free monthly RISE workshops and panels see radio professionals sharing their knowledge and SHINE events help you with promoting your content and furthering your career.