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Top tip!:

Having fun on the day of recording is the key ingredient to a successful podcast


Get Inspired

Listen to podcasts you love and write down what happens where so get an idea of how they're formed.

Want to hear how other producers ended up where they are? Check out our podcast here. If you want to see a show in action, RISE & SHINE's Live Show collection is here


Get Organised

Create a rough outline of your plan OR you can copy our Trello template by clicking here


Create a running order and script

When you have a clear vision for what you want to make, draft a running order (or use our free template here) then fill it in with help from our scripting video playlist (available here)


Get your kit sorted

Top Tip!:

A podcast host is your show's storage and distribution centre. They provide a podcast RSS feed (a listing of all your episodes) that you can submit to podcast directories like Spotify.

Check out our kit guide (From £10 - £500) by clicking here. Then learn how to use mics and recording software by checking out our recording playlist here

Top Tip!:

If you're recording remotely, have some light hearted conversation in between the technical setup with your guest and the recording

Record your podcast!


Remote recording software includes Zencastr, Riverside and ipDTL. Be sure to check out our playlist on presenting and interviewing here

Edit and add sound design and/or music



Top Tip!: is a great source for CC0 sound effects

And you can learn that by watching our playlist on post production (including an explainer on music licencing) ! Available here

Sort your transcripts


Some great advice on transcription software here and here

Top Tip!:

Sometimes it takes up to eight weeks for a platform to show your show's feed so upload a trailer well in advance to have it set up early

Upload to a host


Hosts include Acast, Libsyn and Anchor

Promote your work!


Find out how to promote your show on social media and target your audience by watching our promotion, socials and marketing playlist here


Want some more general production advice?

Want to find out more about the world of audio?

Want to get a ticket to the next live event?

Want something different?

Watch our Producer Q&A here

Read 10 Tips From The Audio Community here

Want a realistic guide on what to expect your first year? Watch this

Watch our session on the future of audio here

Discover other people working to make audio more accessible here

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Learn about flash briefings here

Find tips for making audio on a budget here

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