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RISE & SHINE's second birthday celebration!

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It's been nearly two years since I first sent out this tweet:

It led to the very first RISE & SHINE in February of 2019 and since that we've

-Ran over 20 sessions (that's at least 48 hours of audio advice)

-Had mentions in Hot Pod, Pod Bible and Podnews

-Held a 2 day festival with 16 sessions in total

-Ran a series of sessions at London Podcast Festival

-"Sold" over 1000 free tickets

And loooooads more.

It's important to me (Sarah) that we all pat ourselves on the back for all of this. A lot of people see RISE & SHINE as just me but that's definitely not the case. Speakers, venue staff, attendees, twitter supporters and more have helped create this really special community of audio makers. <3

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When coming up for a birthday plan for next year, I wanted to achieve two things-

1. Shine (hence the name innit) a light on the amazing talent within the RISE & SHINE community.

2. Bring diverse storytelling to as many ears and eyes as possible

The vision is this-

A selection of audio makers from the RISE & SHINE community will be paid to work with approved production companies for 1-2 days (in total) on 30 second to 1 minute 30 second audio pieces.

The pieces will reflect the person behind them, from the style of production to the content.

Podcasters from across the industry can then insert one (or all!) of the pieces in their show as a pre, post or mid rolls with details of the piece and the person behind it in their show notes.

The mission is this-

-Gather details of production companies who are interested

-Gather details of podcasters who are interested in using the pieces in their show

-Raise funding! I'm aiming for 5 grand (this is to pay people) and will run incentives to help with this.

-Open applications

-Work with a committee to pick the final producers


GIF of a cat with a bow tie and a microphone. It looks like he's about to give an awards speech


Well, first step is seeing if production companies and podcasters are interested in helping out.

If you're a production company interested in helping out please fill out THIS goggle form.

If you're a podcaster interested in hosting one or many of the final pieces on you show, please fill out THIS google form

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments section or we can schedule a call to go through things

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I've kept this post simple but if you have any questions, please email me at


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