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RISE & SHINE's second birthday celebration- OPEN FOR ENTRIES!

If this is the first time you've heard about our Birthday celebrations, you may want to know what's happening. This article in Pod Bible has all you need to know!

We've done it!

At the moment, the RISE & SHINE's second birthday fund is at £1,342 GBP. That's not the full £2000 (and there's still time to donate here) but it's enough to guarantee some work for RISE & SHINE attendees.

On that, I've opened applications for the opportunity to work with some of the audio world's best production teams and make a short 1 minute piece of audio which we'll be asking podcasters to place in their feeds and celebrate our second birthday!

If this is the first time you've heard of this, you may want to know what's happening. This article in Pod Bible has all you need to know!

The application process is pretty simple:

-You need to pitch a short idea

-You need a personal connection to the idea

-Please use any format you feel comfortable with to apply (for video/audio etc applications please send a dropbox link to your work in the response, be careful of links with an expiration date.).

-Applications should take no longer then 15 minutes to read/listen to/watch

-You won't be judged on spelling and grammar or quality of video and/or audio

-You must be able to work on the project during the month of February although it will be broken into short sessions during the month which will equal no longer than 2 days.

-We are able to pay a day rate of £200 PD with 1-2 days work in total (length of time depends on fundraising results.)

-Entries will be judged by a diverse committee of podcasters whose name will be announced at a later date

-Submitting your idea does not guarantee you work.

-You will be undertaking this work as a freelancer

- You do NOT need to be an audio professional to apply

We're looking for stories that aren't heard in mainstream podcasting and that celebrate diversity

PLEASE let me know if you can not use the form to apply and we can arrange an alterative-

The application form is below or you can use -

Application deadline is 9am UK Time on the 27th of January

Best of luck!


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